An introduction to swamp coolers

How do they work?

Swamp coolers use the scientific principle of evaporative cooling to chill air it draws in from the outside into your home. Essentially, by running the air over water, the air becomes cooler. It’s the same reason that you sweat when you run: the addition of water allows for your body to more effectively release stored heat.

When attached to a window or roof, a swamp cooler can provide cooling at a fraction of the cost of a traditional air conditioning system, which uses electricity to run air over chilled coolant in coils.

Swamp Cooler Start-up Albuquerque

We provide swamp cooler start-up service to the greater Albuquerque area.

History of the swamp cooler

Despite the popular name, “swamp” coolers actually would not be all that useful in a swamp. In fact, evaporative coolers work best in dry climates, like the kind found here in New Mexico. That’s because swamp coolers add more humidity to the air—not something you want when it’s already extremely humid out.

Humans have been using evaporative cooling for centuries to cool buildings and even store food. In the twentieth century, swamp coolers became popular in the U.S. West because they provide cooling while adding humidity to the air.

What are some advantages of swamp coolers?

For Arizonans who are sensitive to dry temperatures, a swamp cooler is a great solution, since it simultaneously cools and adds moisture to the air. Since dry air can often impact the way the human body cools itself, this means that the cooling impact of the swamp cooler goes ever farther compared to a traditional AC system, which dries the air. Evaporative coolers are also far less expensive to install than AC, and they cost far less to operate in the summer.

Here are some of the other advantages of installing a swamp cooler:

  • Evaporative coolers are available in a variety of sizes and shapes to fit different spaces and windows. There are even portable swamp coolers that roll on wheels.
  • They use less electricity, and are considered environmentally friendly.
  • The can help offset extremely dry conditions outside, making your home a much more comfortable place to live.

What are some disadvantages of swamp coolers?

For one, swamp coolers don’t work everywhere. They’re a great fit for Albuquerque and New Mexico, but we wouldn’t recommend one to your cousin in Florida. Evaporative coolers require regular cleaning and maintenance, and two scheduled appointments per year to winterize and de-winterize the system.

Here are some of the other disadvantages of a swamp cooler:

  • If not properly maintained and cleaned, swamp coolers can be the source of many problems, including mold and mosquitos.
  • Open windows could pose a security problem. There are ways to mitigate this, however.

Now, these negatives do not mean you shouldn’t consider a swamp cooler. Wagner can help with the winterizing and the spring checkup, and—if properly maintained—an evaporative cooler can be a great investment that cools down your home at a low price.

How do I decide if I should buy a cooler or an air conditioning system?

Ultimately, the choice really comes down to your personal tastes, your needs, and your budget. However, if you have any questions or would like to learn more about either swamp coolers or air conditioning systems, give us a call. We can help you decide which is best for you.

Spring is the time for an AC checkup

We’re still a few months away from the hottest time of the year, which means that this is perfect timing to get your air conditioning system inspected—before it sees major use in your home. As this post will detail, an AC checkup from Albuquerque’s own Wagner Mechanical can help save you money on your energy bills, reduce the likelihood of needing a major repair, and even prolong the life of your system.

Why should I get my AC system looked at?

  1. Effective maintenance can help lower your utility bills: If your system isn’t performing up to par, it may be working harder than ever to give you less cooling than ever. Not only does that mean that you’re in for a long, hot summer, but you’re probably also paying higher-than-average bills. Not worth it.
  2. Lowers risks associated with a breakdown: Trust us. There’s nothing worse than having your AC system decide to stop working on the hottest day of the New Mexican summer. Scheduling routine maintenance with Wagner can help make sure your unit is ready for whatever the weather can throw at it.
  3. It could extend your system’s lifespan: No matter how well-designed or maintained a system is, it will eventually succumb to the pressures of time and use. However, proper and regular maintenance can make the difference between your AC unit living ten years—or twenty.
  4. You might need to, to keep your warranty: Many manufacturers offer generous, industry-leading warranties on their systems. However, there’s a catch: a failure to have your AC unit regularly looked at by industry-trained professionals could lead to a voiding of the warranty. If you want to keep this guarantee—and you should—check your paperwork, and then call Wagner.

AC tune-up Albuquerque New MexicoHow can I get a good deal on regular maintenance?

If you like peace of mind and hate having to remember to schedule things, consider Wagner’s Service Partner Plan program. With this program, you can sign up for annual or biannual checkups of your furnace and air conditioning system. There’s also some other great perks to the program, including:

  • Priority Service: If you ever need service, you’re automatically at the top of the waiting list at Wagner. We value your customer loyalty, and we’re going to treat you right.
  • Discount on Repairs and Service: For our club members, we slash our already competitive rates even more.

Why go with Wagner for my AC checkup?

  • You want proven quality: Based on reviews from customers just like you, Wagner Mechanical is Albuquerque’s most trusted heating and cooling company. We’ve been in business for more than 85 years, helping generations of New Mexicans with their HVAC repair, maintenance, and install needs.
  • You want versatility: After 85 years in the business, we’ve seen just about everything when it comes to heating and cooling systems. That’s more than just a cute turn-of-phrase: our industry-certified technicians are capable of repairing any make or model, and undergo regular training to keep them as some of the best in the business.
  • You want a company that stands by their work: We offer a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. In other words, the job isn’t done until your air conditioning system is performing right.

If you’re ready to experience the difference that 88 years in the business makes, give Wagner Mechanical a call at (505) 395-2714. We serve Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and surrounding areas.

Get The Best Air Conditioning Repair Albuquerque NM Team

Do you want to hire the best air conditioning repair Albuquerque NM service? If you don’t know how to handle the problem with your air conditioner, choose a company, or you are wondering whether it is a good idea to invest in repairing your air conditioner, this article can be of great help to you.

Imagine sitting in your comfortable home in a cool atmosphere, when suddenly, the air conditioning system breaks down. What now? Are you going to put up with the hot and unbearable weather? Of course you aren’t! There is no need to live through that torture. If you are smart enough, you will know that you should have the air conditioner repaired immediately.

You need to find a professional, dedicated and trustworthy company. You must know how to recognize the right company because you won’t get the same level of service from everyone. What do you need to know when hiring an AC company? Before you do it, make sure you’re aware of the company’s history and its benefits. Don’t be afraid to ask its technicians what exactly they offer, why they consider themselves better than the competition and how they work.


Why do you need to repair your air conditioning system?

As mentioned, it is really hard to function at home or at work over the summer without an air conditioning system. You can use the same system during the winter season as well, in order to warm up. When you see that there is a problem with your air conditioning, make sure you investigate it. Don’t jump to conclusions or lose hope.

We can’t deny that having an air conditioner may be considered a luxury, but it is also a necessity. Once you get used to it, it’s hard to function without it. Given that you have already made an investment when buying the AC unit, you should not give up the moment you notice a problem. The repair costs may not be too big, and you will be able to get back to enjoying the cool temperatures in your home or work environment again.

However, you need to make calculations about the repairs, so that you know if they are worth your money. That way, you may discover that it would be better to just replace the AC system. Sometimes, the best option is to buy a new system, rather than having the old one repaired. For example, if your air conditioner is more than 14 years old, it most likely doesn’t work as well as it once did, so it’s time for a change.

How can you check if your AC unit is broken?

The air conditioning system can stop working due to various reasons and it’s true that most of the issues can’t be fixed without professional help. But, there are some checks you can do on your own, without spending money on air conditioning companies and repairs.

Always check the power to make sure the unit is plugged in. Restore the power and see if the system will start working again. Also, you can try lowering the thermostat by five degrees. Last but not least, try cleaning the evaporator and let it run for a few hours.

If none of this works and your air conditioning is still malfunctioning, you need to call the professionals immediately.

A skilled AC technician can solve all kinds of AC-related issues

How to decide which air conditioning repair albuquerque nm company is the best?

Surely, you want to hire a company which will fix the problem with your air conditioning and make sure the same problem doesn’t occur again. To pick the best company, you need to ask around and do some research. See which company is always available and which one others recommend the most. Also see if the company provides a guarantee to all its clients, if it’s licensed and certified, etc.

You definitely need someone you can trust and who can provide quick and long-lasting solutions. The company you hire should also be able to give you some tips on how to avoid future issues. Check if it offers preventive maintenance which can extend the life of your AC system, improve its performance and help it run properly.

For example, our company, Wagner Mechanical, is a reputable company which has been open for business since 1928. We have acquired lots of experience and we know what our customers want and deserve. We offer a lot of benefits for everyone – we are available 24/7 for any kind of emergency, give a written guarantee and make sure we do everything in our power to fix any mistakes we might possibly make.

Our company provides heating, cooling, electric and plumbing services. We have certified and licensed technicians who are dedicated to offering the highest level of service at all times. We take pride in the fact that professionalism, dedication and trustworthiness are some of our key priorities. You should also not miss out on our customer discount program – The Service Partner Plan.

How to avoid problems with your air conditioning?

Even if the AC company you choose is great and you are thrilled with its work, it would be best if you could just avoid problems with the air conditioning altogether. Below, you will find some tips that can help you avoid dealing with a broken air conditioning system in the future.

Most of the AC issues occur as a result of a small/minor fault. So, it is a good idea to check if the air filter and duct work blower fans are in good condition on a regular basis. If you don’t want your air conditioner to lose its cooling capacity, you should maintain the correct pressure in the component constantly.

Our air conditioning repair albuquerque nm experts are always ready to meet your needs

Also, you can try installing gauge ports on the compressor and maintaining the correct pressure in the equipment (for improved cooling). If you don’t want your AC compressor to be burned out, inspect the electrical system of the air conditioner regularly.

Even after you apply these tips, you should never stop being careful. If you hear or sense something different about you air conditioner, you should instantly check it out. If there is a problem, it is always better to find out about it sooner rather than later.

Here’s How to Choose the Right Air Conditioning Repair Albuquerque NM Company

Not all air conditioning repair Albuquerque NM companies offer the same great quality of service that we do. How do you choose an AC company that’s as good as ours? You need a company that offers a 24/7 emergency service and a satisfaction guarantee. You need a company that has many years of experience in professional AC repairs. Choosing the right company will save you time and money. A great company will repair your air conditioning properly, so that you don’t have to deal with similar problems again in the future. To find the best company, you need to ask the right questions and ask for the right qualities.

Seek Emergency Service

An emergency service is the first thing you need to look for in a quality air conditioning repair Albuquerque NM company. This type of service is an essential trait of experienced and professional AC companies that are focused on client satisfaction. Air conditioning breakdowns are a frequent problem, and both the heating and cooling systems should be as efficient as possible, whether during the cold winter or the hot summer. The emergency service should be able to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You should be able to call customer support, and have a team that will visit your home as soon as possible.

air conditioning repair albuquerque nm emergency service

Be careful before you choose an AC company to buy an air conditioner from. Make sure it can have the cost of all potential emergency repairs estimated upfront, you don’t want any nasty surprises. Also, the service shouldn’t charge you extra if they visit you at night, weekends or holidays. An emergency repair should cost the same at time or day.

See What The Repair Service Includes

Speed of repairs is an important factor when trying to find the best AC company. But a quick repair should tackle every aspect air conditioning issues. The repair team must be able to quickly (and on-the-spot) solve problems with the AC compressors, AC condensers, evaporator coils, air swamp/evaporation coolers, zoned systems, filters, etc. It is very important for the technicians to have many years of experience because that serves as a guarantee that they will finish the job quickly and efficiently.

The service team has to provide up-front pricing for you to know what the problem is, and how much the repair is going to cost you. They will visit your home once you make the call and ask for help. A quality AC service doesn’t have to be expensive. Affordable and dependable services will always be the first choice of every customer, and a quality air conditioning company should be aware of that.

Ask for Local References

Investing in quality air conditioning equipment requires wise decision making and going through a long list of companies. The product you will buy should be in your home for a very long time, and you shouldn’t make a decision based on only one opinion. Talk with your neighbors and the local city residents regarding their experience with AC repair services. They can offer honest and truthful opinions that will help you make a better decision. In fact, this is how we ourselves get most of our business. Our happy customers recommend and refer all of their friends, associates, colleagues and acquaintances to us.

ask for references when choosing air conditioning repair albuquerque nm company

By asking around, you can learn the companies’ advantages and disadvantages without being affected by their marketing campaigns. The opinions of your neighbors are unlike any commercial on TV related to air conditioning because they have seen the true colors of the companies and their AC services.

Check if the Air Conditioning Repair Albuquerque NM Company is Licensed

The license and insurance of each employee in the company showcase the level of professionalism and security that is provided, in order for customers to receive a high-quality service. A company that is working with air conditioning systems and maintenance should always take care of its employees. It is a great way to show the customers that the employees are satisfied with the conditions of the firm, and that they are willing to provide the best repair and maintenance service possible.

Repairing an air conditioner can be a highly risky operation. Many homeowners and businesses place the air conditioning system in a very delicate and unreachable place, so technicians can’t reach it without taking the risk of climbing a ladder and putting themselves in a dangerous position. They should feel comfortable with their work without being scared of the possibility that something bad may happen.

The Company Should Provide Detailed and Written Estimates

A written estimate is proof of a professional approach and attention to detail a company provides for its customers. Once the repair service estimates the costs, they should offer a thorough outline of the problems that will be solved. This helps you, as a customer, know what you are paying for before the start of the repair process. Talking on the phone about the AC repair costs is not the same as a written estimate good companies can provide for you.

ask for written estimate from your air conditioning repair albuquerque nm company

A team of highly trained and experienced AC contractors will check your air conditioning system and note if your AC is having problems with the electrical components, settings, or leaks. You can trust an AC firm that pays attention to every aspect of the mutual contract. Inexperienced companies aren’t able to do a detailed estimation, so always search for a firm with excellent reputation and high standards.

See The Company’s Qualifications and Certificates

Always check the company’s qualifications, because a professional company should have all the building regulations and approved codes of practice. These are the fundamental features of a good AC firm, one that is dedicated to making both its customers and employees happy. Some of the well-known qualifications and certificates are the F-Gas for refrigerants, SFG20 for maintenance of HVAC, TM44’s, EPC’s and others. These qualifications are proof that a specific AC company meets the technical and non-technical standards of the business.

Some of these certificates, such as the CHAS certificate, are very important for an air conditioning company. They have to be earned so that customers know the company’s employees are included in the Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme. Even if there are other safety accreditations that can be put on this list, this one is probably the most important. Remember, don’t trust an air conditioning firm without any qualifications or certificates to show for its work.

Is it Time to Repair or Replace your AC Unit?

If you aren’t an HVAC professional then it can be difficult troubleshooting air conditioning issues. Many happen without warning, and sometimes there might be a problem that you aren’t even aware of. It’s almost impossible to make an exact diagnosis on your air conditioning unit without the help of a trained eye, but it is nice to have some basic knowledge to get an idea of what your in for. In some cases, fixes are simple, and require little time and money, and give you many more years of optimal AC use. In other cases the problems with the ac are more complex, and require extensive repair work.


Should I repair or replace my Air Conditioning Unit?

When this scenario happens to you, something to consider is whether to repair or replace your current air conditioning unit. There are a few different factors that go into making this decision. Here are a few tips to help you understand when repairing your ac would be the better option, or when it’s time to say adios to that old unit and invest in a shiny new one.



The age of your air conditioning unit should be the first thing you consider before deciding to repair or replace your unit. A typical AC unit will last anywhere from 10-15 years, depending on the amount of usage, and frequency of preventative maintenance. If your ac unit is rolling up on that 15 year mark, replacement might be the better option. However, if it’s still around 10 years or so, some repair work by an HVAC professional, could potentially buy you some time before having to invest in a brand new unit.

Frequency of Repairs

Take a look at your AC’s track record. How many times throughout it’s life has it had to be repaired? While repairing an air conditioning unit will help give you more time, it’s not magically going to turn it into a fully functioning unit that will operate at the same level as a new one. The more repairs that an AC has gone through, the more money you are likely to spend on repairs in the future. Weighing these estimated repair costs against the cost of a new AC unit, will help give you a better idea of the decision you should make.

How well is your AC working?


Do an intake assessment of your home. How does it feel? Are you noticing consistent temperatures throughout your home? Are you able to maintain a steady comfortable temperature throughout the day? Ask yourself these questions to determine the level of your AC’s efficiency. While repairing your AC would help the efficiency of the unit, it won’t improve the efficiency as much as replacing it would.

Duct Work & Insulation

Before you decide to repair or replace your AC unit, take the efficiency of your home’s duct work and insulation into account. By sealing gaps in duct work and improving your home’s insulation, your AC wouldn’t be having to work as hard to maintain the level of desired comfort in your home. This could help extend the life of your current system and reduce needed repairs in the future.


Of  course budget is a top factor in making your repair or replace decision. Repairing a system wont be as costly up front. The level of repair work will determine that cost, however you should take into account the cost for future repair work that will likely be needed in the coming years.

Replacing a unit is a larger up front cost, but will cost you less down the road in repair work, and could reduce your energy bills by up to 30% each month by purchasing a more energy efficient unit. Many professional HVAC companies also offer financing to help you with the cost of a new unit.

Determine your Individual Situation

Every homeowner is in a different situation. When making this decision of whether to repair or replace your air conditioning unit, take your particular situation into account. Have  you just moved into a new house that they intend on spending the next 10 years in? Are looking to sell your home here in the next few years. Or maybe your home is a rental property. Whatever your particular situation, make sure that you are thinking ahead, taking all factors into account and making the decision that is best for you.

Repair or Replace?


Well have you made your decision yet? Yeah, we didn’t think so. This decision is going to take some analyzing, number crunching, researching and discussing before you come to a conclusion. Our advice? First things first- speak to a professional. There is only so much you can read online or watch on YouTube to help you with this decision. When it comes down to it, you are going to need the help of a trained professional to assist you in solving this conundrum. They will be able to give you their expert opinion of whether to repair or replace your air conditioning unit.

Professional HVAC service in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Do you live in the Albuquerque area? We would be more than happy to give you some insight on this decision from a professional’s point of view. Wagner Mechanical has been assisting Albuquerque residents since  1928, and would be more than happy to help answer some of the questions you have about your AC unit.

We provide 24/7 Emergency Service so anytime you need to have us come out, we will be available to you. All of our technicians are trained and certified as well as friendly and professional. We have a strong reputation among Albuquerque residents and are proud to be one of the most trusted HVAC providers in New Mexico.

We will provide you with the professional opinion needed to know if you should repair or replace your air conditioning unit. We will be more than happy to make any repairs that you need as well as install a new AC unit in your home, if you decide to. Whether you choose to repair or replace your unit, we are here to help. Feel free to give us a call anytime (505) 884- 2822.