What's the Ideal Location for a Gas Furnace

What’s The Ideal Location In Your Home For A Gas Furnace?

Gas furnace installation requires a lot of things to be considered. One important aspect of the furnace installation is the location. The place where you install the furnace is important as it will determine the heating efficiency. Also, putting the gas furnace in the wrong place can decrease the overall lifespan of the furnace due […]

Better Furnace Thermostat Setting

On Vs Auto: Which Is The Better Furnace Thermostat Setting?

Most new gas furnace thermostat features different controls for fan control. The thermostat setting that you select have a direct influence on the heating bills. You can save hundreds of dollars just by using the right thermostat settings in the home. One aspect of the thermostat setting that most people get confused about is the […]

How to Detect Air Leaks Inside the House?

Here’s How To Detect Air Leaks Inside Your Home

In this blog post, we’ll review some easy ways to detect air leaks in your home that could be costing you money on your energy bills and negatively affecting your home’s comfort. Contact Wagner for more advice and service. Why is sealing air leaks so important? Air leaks inside a home account for around 10 […]