What’s The Ideal Location In Your Home For A Gas Furnace?

What's the Ideal Location for a Gas FurnaceGas furnace installation requires a lot of things to be considered. One important aspect of the furnace installation is the location.

The place where you install the furnace is important as it will determine the heating efficiency. Also, putting the gas furnace in the wrong place can decrease the overall lifespan of the furnace due to greater wear and tear.

So, what’s the best location for the gas furnace? Continue reading this article to find out the answer.

The best gas furnace location

The ideal location for a gas furnace is one where there is a supply of natural gas, an exhaust vent, and fresh air circulation. Typically, the gas furnace is installed in either confined spaces such as attics and closets or unconfined spaces such as the basements, garages, and utility rooms.

When the gas furnace is put in confined spaces, you should be concerned about the amount of air that is available for combustion.

You should never place the heater in places such as the laundry where different devices, including a dryer and water heater, compete for air, otherwise it will lead to overheating problems leading to a premature system breakdown. Also, if adequate space is not available for combustion, it can result in the development of deadly carbon monoxide gas.

Here’s the math

Doing simple math, you can figure out whether there is an adequate amount of air to avoid overheating problems. A 10-foot-square laundry room with a 5-foot ceiling would have about 500 cubic feet of air available for combustion.

This will be inadequate if a typical gas furnace is placed next to a water heater. There would not be enough air for both the appliances. You would need around 1,540 cubic feet of air to ensure proper combustion in this situation.

In other words, if you want to put both the gas furnace and the water heater in the same room, the room should be at least 20-foot long with an 8-foot ceiling.


You should carefully consider where the furnace is located. Never install the furnace in a location that has temperature extremes as it can damage the system. The best advice when it comes to gas furnace installation is to let professional technicians install the furnace for you. They can perform a quick audit of the house and recommend to you the right location for the gas furnace.

No matter where the furnace is located, you should have it maintained at regular intervals. The heating device undergoes wear and tear with use and must be serviced to avoid costly breakdowns.

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