This winter, look out for the signs you need heating repair.

The 4 signs you need heating repair in Albuquerque this winter

Winter nights here in Albuquerque can get chilly. It’s important to have a working furnace or heat pump in your home. However, problems do happen. In this blog, we’ll review the most prominent signs you need heating repair from the professionals at Wagner Mechanical. Need to contact our team? Give us a call at (505) […]

Discount Heating Maintenance

Troubleshooting strange furnace noises and sounds

It’s late at night, on a cold night here in Albuquerque. Suddenly, you hear a screeching coming from your attic. Unless you have some kind of bat infestation, chances are that you’re hearing strange furnace noises and you may need heating repair. A properly functioning furnace should not make too much noise. They’re designed to […]

Swamp Cooler Shutdown

It’s time to schedule your evaporative cooler shutdown. Here’s why.

Throughout the hot summer months here in Albuquerque and Santa Fe, our swamp coolers—also known as “evaporative coolers”—have kept us cool and comfortable. But, now fall is here and winter is arriving soon. It’s time to schedule your evaporative cooler shutdown. All swamp coolers require winterization in the fall. It’s part of their design. Failure […]