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Drain Rooting Service

Clearing drain pipes in Albuquerque


What Is a Drain Rooter?

A drain rooter is a machine that clears plumbing lines and sewer issues due to tree root invasions or other blockages. The original equipment design isn’t widely applicable today, but the concept introduced cutting-edge drain cleaning techniques and machines in the plumbing field. If you need drain rooter service in Albuquerque, Wagner Mechanical professionals are here to help. We evaluate your needs thoroughly to provide personalized solutions.


Benefits of Drain Rooter Service

Our reliable drain rooter service can help with:

  • Removing clogs and blockages
  • Clearing slow moving drains
  • Eliminating unpleasant smells

How Does Drain Rooting work?

When you call our reputable drain rooting plumbers, our first step is to evaluate your sewer to spot the problem. We carry out a camera inspection to observe your drain pipes. It allows us to see the issues affecting your sewer to ensure we solve the specific problem.
Once we identify the issue, we’ll conduct effective drain rooting.
The process includes running water through the pipes to eliminate blockages and debris. If the roots obstructing your lines are strong and mature, removing them may need hydro-jetting. Our reputable drain rooter service in Albuquerque has been helpful for homeowners because our experts work diligently to provide the best experience. If you need assistance, you can count on Wagner Mechanical to provide excellent drain rooter service.

How is it different from jet cleaning?

Jet cleaning involves a specialized hose pipe that pushes water into your drain at high pressure. The machine’s nozzle shoots out water jets in multiple directions. This flushes out any debris in the system, leaving it clean and free of blockages.
Traditional drain rooters are excellent at object retrieval and cutting tree roots. However, jet cleaning is the best for the elimination of grease clogs. They flush melting ice blockages, sand, and blocked lines, allowing your drain to function optimally.
If you want to get rid of stubborn clogs, jet cleaning does the work. Whether you want to remove debris, tree roots, grease, or mineral scale deposits, our technicians use an appropriate method to clean the drains.
We use up-to-date and innovative cameras to inspect your sewers and use a drain rooter or jet cleaning to solve the issues. Don’t wait for the problem to advance. Instead, consult our experts today for a thorough drain cleaning.


Emergency Drain Rooter Service

It can be intimidating to wake up and discover your drains are not working. This is why Wagner Mechanical offers emergency drain rooter service. We quickly respond to calls and act swiftly to get the work done.

Maintenance drain cleaning

If you’re a homeowner, you probably know how clogged drains can inconvenience your essential daily activities. To avoid such unpleasant occurrences, you want to consider regular maintenance drain cleaning.
This will ensure your drains work as you expect, and you won’t have to deal with sudden unexpected problems. Ignoring an issue once you notice it can lead to more problems and expensive repair costs.
Regular maintenance ensures your drain system stays healthy and enhances your home’s comfort. Understand that it’s natural for debris, silt, and limescale to build up on your system.
While you may not experience blockage, this reduces the capacity and flow of your drain pipes. If left unattended, your drains will eventually get obstructed. While our qualified technicians can help, the best way to avoid significant problems is consistent maintenance drain cleaning. Here are proven tips to get you started:

Tips for maintaining healthy pipes

Watch Your Garbage Disposal

Flush your pipes

Add Drain Catchers in Showers and Sinks to Prevent Buildup

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