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Sink Drains

Clearing Kitchen Drains in Albuquerque


Sink Drains

The sink is undoubtedly one of the most critical aspects of a kitchen. Your kitchen is incomplete without a sink whose faucet runs perfectly and a drainage system that allows all the dirty water to run through. Over time, however, your sink’s drain will start to lag or even get blocked altogether due to months of accumulated grease and food particles.
You shouldn’t have to deal with the inconvenience of a clogged drain by yourself. Instead, consider hiring our professional plumbing service to help in unclogging your kitchen sink drain and bring it back to full function in a matter of minutes. We at Wagner use specialized tools and equipment to effectively cut through the grease and eliminate the food debris so that your kitchen returns to excellent order and hygienic standards.


Common Issues With Kitchen Drains

Some of the most common problems that plague the modern kitchen drain include:

  • Clogged or lagging drain
  • Loose or jammed garbage disposal
  • Odors

DIY vs Professional Kitchen Drain Cleaning

Clogged drains are a common but truly annoying sight in many kitchens. Eager to get back to work, most people try all kinds of DIY fixes. However, not all DIY attempts are successful; some lead to broken drains, messy kitchens, the resurgence of the clogging in less than a few hours, or worse, a plumbing accident, leading to water spillage all over the house.
Not all clogs can be fixed with plungers and sticks. A professional kitchen drain cleaning service like Wagner has the experience, expertise, and equipment required to handle the most stubborn of clogs in your kitchen drain. Tools such as cameras and drain augers should disrupt the solids stopping the flow of water in your drains without destroying them. What’s more, attempts to clean your drains might lead to injuries. Leave this job to the pros, who are insured against such incidents and possess protective gear to minimize their risks.

Snaking Kitchen Drains

This unclogging method requires the use of a tool called a drain snake or hand auger. Snaking is a trusty method for cleaning out clogs in smaller drains such as the kitchen or the bathroom ones. Our plumbers use the hand auger to eliminate debris such as soap, food, and scum.
If you have encountered a clog that is so tough that a plunger or clothes hanger will not remove, you need to consider having your kitchen drain snaked. Your kitchen sink cannot be snaked from above, which is why you want to call Wagner. The procedure will require the dismantling of the piping. What’s more, the equipment is quite costly, and you shouldn’t have it wasting away in your garage. It may also look like a simple tool, but snaking can be time-consuming and tasking. Our plumbers have the know-how that will give you the best results.

Hydro Jetting Kitchen Drains

Hydro jetting your kitchen drain is often the next step when snaking does not give you reliable results. Snaking may be unable to reach clogs that are too deep into your drainage plumbing. Hydro jetting is a more heavy-duty kitchen drain cleaning option that forces water through the drain at high pressure. This pressure is sufficient to reach clogs that are far within the piping or even the sewer lines. The hoses used are also long enough to reach wherever the dirt may be.
Hydro jetting your kitchen drain is a more reliable method of cleaning because it eliminates the gunk that has accumulated in your sink over the years. Wagner should help you execute this cleaning method as we have all the equipment and safety precautions on hand. What’s more, if your plumbing is older, the added stress can cause damage. Our plumbers will advise you on the best approach to use based on your plumbing’s condition.


Emergency Kitchen Drain Cleaning

A slow or clogged kitchen drain can turn your kitchen into a stressful place. We at Wagner have all the tools and expertise needed to get your kitchen drain back in working order.

Tips for maintaining healthy kitchen drains

Garbage Disposals

Flushing Drains

Flushing Grease Down Drains