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Camera Inspection Services for Plumbing, Albuquerque


Camera Inspections

As anyone who has ever dealt with a clogged drain knows, plumbing problems can be a real pain. Fortunately, modern technology has made it easier than ever to diagnose and fix plumbing issues. Video cameras are one of the most valuable tools in the plumbing business. Specially designed waterproof plumbing cameras allow plumbing technicians to conduct a visual inspection of sewer lines and other pipes, including pipes under concrete slabs, inside the walls, and under your home’s foundation. The video footage is transmitted to the technician in real-time, so the condition inside your sewer and drain lines can be assessed quickly and accurately. This allows the technician to identify any potential problems.


Common Issues Found

Camera inspection services can illuminate many serious plumbing issues so that we can handle them before they become a bigger problem. The camera can find clogs, grease buildup, cracked or collapsed pipes, and tree root intrusions.

  • Roots
  • Clogged pipes
  • Vent blockages

Broken or Collapsed Plumbing

One of the most frustrating and costly problems that a homeowner can face is a sewer line backup. Not only is it unsanitary, but it can also cause significant damage to your home. One cause of sewer line backups is broken or collapsed pipes. When these pipes fail, they can cause multiple drains in your home to fail at the same time. A camera inspection is an efficient and non-invasive way to identify where the damage is in the sewer line so that the digging in your yard will be minimal.

Root Intrusions

Root intrusion is the number one cause of major sewer and drainage issues. It is one of the most serious types of damage that your sewer drainage system can face. When a tree is in need of moisture, it will reach out and seek a source of water for its needs. This makes it only natural then that they are often attracted to the supply of water that is typically found in a sewer line.

The roots initially find their way into the sewer lines through a small crack, pin hole, or even the joints or gaps that are in between pipes if they are not secure. Once the roots are inside, they begin to reach out and grow. As they continue to grow and expand, they start to put immense amounts of pressure on the sewer line itself. The expansion eventually leads to cracks and breaks in the sewer line. A camera inspection will help identify if this is the cause of your plumbing problem.

Clogs and Blockages

One of the most obvious things that a camera inspection can reveal is a clog. Hair, grease, soap scum, foreign objects, and mineral buildup can all cause clogs and blockages in your sewer system. A camera inspection can locate where the clog is occurring and what is blocking the flow. This will help us make the quickest repair to your plumbing system.


Emergency Plumbing Inspections

The fastest way to restore your drain’s service is to know what is causing the problem. A camera inspection will give us the information we need to solve your issue quickly.

Tips for maintaining healthy plumbing

Tree Roots

Grease/Kitchen Scraps

Non-Flushable Paper Products