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Keeping the Bathwater Moving

Bathtub Drain Cleaning in Albuquerque

A clogged bathtub drain can be pretty annoying. Regular shower routines can quickly turn from enjoyable moments to unpleasant encounters. When bathtubs clog, the water drains slower than usual and remains stagnant for a while after baths. Clogs often result from accumulated hair, soap scum and debris over long periods. It’s important to fix the problem quickly before it escalates. At Wagner, our professional plumbers respond promptly to service requests. We’re your go-to plumbing company for expert bathtub drain cleaning services in Albuquerque, NM.

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Bathtub drain services

Issues With Bathtub Drains

One big problem with bathtub drains is their susceptibility to clogging. Here are some potential issues:

  • Sewer water could bubble back up.
  • A foul smell may fill the house.
  • Bathtub vent blockages

DIY vs Professional

Cleaning bathtubs might seem like a simple DIY procedure, but there’s more than meets the eye. Remember that clogged bathtub drains may hold more than just hair.

Doing it yourself with a plunger or hot water could clear most of the clog. Be aware that the blockage may reappear after a short while if all of the clog has not been removed. Although chemical drain cleaning could also do the trick, albeit temporarily, it’s dangerous as it may cause severe damage to the drains and the drainage pipe lining.

We recommend leaving bathtub drain cleaning to an expert plumber. Our professionals know the best techniques to clear the drain for lasting results and have the right equipment for the job. At Wagner, our plumbers are familiar with the traditional snaking/rooting method.

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Traditional Drain Cleaning

Also known as snaking, rooting bathtub drains is a common technique our plumbers use to unclog drains. The process involves driving a drain auger or plumber snake down the clogged drain. This strong, coiled, highly flexible metal cable can go around the bends and corners of pipes and extend hundreds of feet into a clogged drain line.

While some debris may wash away, our plumbers can safely pull out the remaining dirt using the drain auger. Some augers have an electric drill at the tip that gives the metal cable extra force and power to hook onto and break down the clogs. That’s sure going to give better results.

bathtub drain services

Emergency Bathtub Drain Cleaning Service

We understand that bathtub clogs can come unexpectedly and cause a big problem in your home. As a leading 24/7 service provider in Albuquerque, Wagner is ready to handle emergencies.


Tips for Maintaining Healthy Bathroom Sink Drains

Stop Hair From Going Down Drains

Hair is a common cause of blockage in bathtub drains. Besides being a culprit itself, it could provide the ideal attachment site for other drain clogging compounds, such as soap scum, grease, sludge and minerals. Here are a few pointers to help stop hair from clogging drains:

  • Tie the hair well before putting on a shower cap. This preventative measure will prevent the hair from falling into the bathtub and finding its way into the bathtub pipes.
  • Planning to wash the hair during the bath? Brush it thoroughly beforehand to reduce the amount of hair that falls off.

Fix a hair catcher above or under the drain opening. That keeps hair out of the drain by catching it before the water washes it away. Clean the hair catcher regularly to remove the trapped hair.

Avoid Washing Items You Shouldn’t in the Bathtub

Another best practice to prevent bathtub clogging is using tubs for the correct purpose. We recommend avoiding:

  • Washing shoes in the tub. They may contain mud, debris and sand that can accumulate and lead to blockages.
  • Cleaning home renovation items, such as paint brushes, scrapers and sponges, in the bathtub. These materials may contain particles that could form deposits.
Maintain the Drains to Keep Odors Down

Bathtub drains often develop foul smells without proper maintenance. Check these maintenance suggestions to help keep the drains happy:

  • Mix hot water with detergent and flush it down the drain. Repeating the process from time to time will break down any grease if present.
  • Pour hot vinegar down the drain. Besides being a deodorizer, vinegar cuts through grease, breaks down soap scum and body oil and dissolves biofilm that causes odor in bathtub drains.
  • Mix baking soda and vinegar and pour it into the bathtub drains. The foaming action resulting from the mixture will clear drains and eliminate odor.

Get expert help. Plumbers can help you pinpoint any potential problem and find solutions. Contact us today for bathtub maintenance and professional plumbing services.

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