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Flow-Tech Water Treatment in Albuquerque, NM

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About Flow-Tech

High mineral content in water presents several challenges for homes. The minerals left behind by hard water can cause deposits to accumulate in pipes and water heaters, impede the proper functioning of soaps and detergents, leave water marks on fixtures and dishes, and even contribute to dry, irritated skin.

Albuquerque's tap water hardness averages between 120-150 ppm, placing it in the category of very hard water. Santa Fe's water is even harder, consistently measuring around 150 ppm. Hard water, while safe to drink, can cause a variety of challenges in home plumbing and appliances. Flow-Tech offers a solution to these challenges. This innovative system treats hard water not by removing minerals but by preventing them from adhering to surfaces. This approach can help mitigate the common issues linked to hard water in our region.

Hard Water Problems Addressed by Flow-Tech

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Pipe Scaling

Hard water leads to the deposition of calcium and magnesium minerals in the pipes. This scaling can reduce water flow and affect the efficiency of the plumbing system. Flow-Tech helps keep these minerals in suspension, preventing them from sticking to the pipe walls.

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Appliance Damage

Water-using appliances, like dishwashers and water heaters, suffer when scale builds up. It can decrease their lifespan and increase energy consumption. Flow-Tech aids in reducing these negative impacts.

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Soap Scum

Hard water reacts with soap, resulting in the formation of a chalky residue known as soap scum. With Flow-Tech, minerals in the water don't cling to surfaces, significantly reducing the formation of soap scum.

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Ineffective Detergents

Hard water can hinder the effectiveness of detergents. By addressing the hard water problem, Flow-Tech ensures that your detergents work optimally.

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Spotty Dishes

After washing, hard water can leave unsightly spots on dishes. Flow-Tech minimizes these water spots, giving you clearer and cleaner dishes.

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Irritated Skin

Hard water can leave a residue on the skin, leading to dryness and irritation. With treated water from Flow-Tech, your skin feels smoother and less irritated after washing.

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How Flow-Tech Works

Flow-Tech employs a proprietary induced signal technology to treat hard water. Instead of altering the mineral composition, this technology keeps minerals in a suspended state. This process ensures they don't form hard scales or stick to surfaces, delivering treated water.

How Flow-Tech Conditions Water, Step-By-step


Signal Induction:

Flow-Tech generates a low-frequency signal that is pulsed several thousand times per second and propagated throughout your entire plumbing system.


Mineral Suspension:

This unique signal keeps calcium and magnesium minerals, which are responsible for scale, in a suspended state.


Prevention Over Removal:

Unlike traditional systems that remove these minerals or replace them with salts, Flow-Tech ensures that these minerals remain in the water but don't adhere to surfaces. This means they flow freely with the water, reducing the chance of scale formation.


Consistent Treatment:

As long as Flow-Tech is operational, the induced signal ensures consistent treatment of water regardless of how much water is in use, ensuring every drop that comes out of your faucets is treated.

Flow-Tech vs Water Softeners

Let's Compare
Chemical/ Salt-free
Retains Beneficial Minerals
Environmentally Friendly
No Backflush
Prevents Scale From Forming
Removes Pre-existing Hard Water Scale
Maintenance Free
Space & Energy Efficient
No Slick or Slimy Feel

The Benefits Are Clear

The Flow-Tech system offers a wide array of benefits, stemming from its innovative approach to managing hard water. Here's a detailed look at the advantages:

Maintenance Free

Unlike water softeners, which require ongoing maintenance, Flow Tech is completely maintenance free.

Improved Water Heater Efficiency

Hard water scaling can cause a significant reduction in the efficiency of water heaters. By preventing scale formation, Flow-Tech ensures your water heater operates at its optimal efficiency, providing hot water faster and using less energy.

Reduced Scale Build-up

The primary benefit of Flow-Tech is its ability to prevent the accumulation of hard water scaling in your pipes and fixtures. This not only ensures smoother water flow but also helps in reducing maintenance costs in the long run.

Better Tasting Water & Food

By managing the hard minerals in your water, Flow-Tech enhances the taste of the water. This improvement also translates to the food cooked in this water, making meals tastier.

Extended Appliance Lifespan

Appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines, and coffee makers are negatively affected by hard water. By managing the hard water problem, Flow-Tech significantly increases the life of these appliances, offering more value for your investment.

Longer-lasting Linens

Hard water can be tough on fabrics, causing them to wear out faster and feel rougher. With Flow-Tech treated water, your linens and clothes last longer and feel softer to the touch.

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Up to $1,100 OFF Water Heater & Install

Wagner’s $200 Water Heater Install Discount applies to standard and tankless water heaters. Plus, get a New Mexico Gas Company credit up to $375 on select water heaters, and up to $600 Federal Tax Credit.
We also offer financing with payments as low as $35/month (WAC).
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Terms & Conditions

*Offer excludes commercial properties. Available for a limited time. New Mexico Gas rebate is available only to New Mexico Gas customers. New Mexico Gas Company offers rebates up to $300 on select high-efficiency ENERGY STAR certified tankless gas water heaters. Terms and conditions apply. See here for rebate details. Federal tax credit available for certain high-efficiency water heaters. Please see for details.

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Receive $200 off when you have us install a new water softener! We also offer financing with payments as low as $72/month (WAC).

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$38 Water Heater Flush & Home Inspection*

Maintenance on your water heater will keep it and your plumbing working properly.

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Terms & Conditions

*Normal business hours. Coupon must be presented at the time of service. Cannot be combined with any other offers or coupons. All prices do not include tax. Valid in Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, Placitas, Corrales, East Mountains, and Los Lunas. $99 Tankless Water Heater Flush.

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Prefer A Water Softener Instead?

Wagner is proud to be a trusted water softener installation expert in Albuquerque and the surrounding areas. If you're interested in softer, cleaner water for your home, water softeners are a great way to make that happen.


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