When you need us, we’re here for you with 24/7 plumbing repair

Over the past month, the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak has changed how many businesses operate and how people go about their daily lives. As more and more people start working from home and spending their free time inside, they also increasingly need and depend on their home’s plumbing. That’s why the team at Wagner is here to help. Our plumbers are standing by, 24/7, for all your home’s urgent plumbing needs. It’s just another reason that we’re your home’s best friend.

Call us for 24/7 emergency repair

We are here for your home. If you’re experiencing a plumbing emergency, call your friends at Wagner right away. We offer 24/7 emergency service throughout the Albuquerque area.

A Wagner plumber repairs a tankless water heater in a local home here in Albuquerque.

Clogged Drains

A clogged shower drain, toilet, or sink can really bring life in your home to a screeching halt. If you have a stubborn clog, call us for fast, 24/7 service. We’ll send one of our experienced, friendly plumbers out to your home to clear the clog. Our plumbers have a variety of advanced drain cleaning tools at their disposal—including snake tools, hydrojets, and more—to completely clear out deep clogs.

Here are just a few of the reasons why you should hire a professional for drain cleaning and clog clearing.

Hidden Leaks

Left to its own devices, a hidden leak can lead to serious water damage in your home—and an expensive cleanup. Using advanced leak detection equipment, our plumbers can pinpoint the location of water leaks hidden behind walls, in ceilings, or under your foundation. Then, we can quickly access and repair the source of the leak, limiting the extent of the water damage and returning your home to normal.

Read more about our leak detection work.

Water Heaters

When your water heater stops working, call us right away. We repair and replace water heaters here in the Albuquerque area. During the current COVID-19 crisis, we’re also offering the convenience and safety of virtual estimates on new water heater systems. If you know your home’s aging water heater needs to be replaced, now’s a great time to call us and schedule your virtual estimate.

Sewer Line Issues

A sewer line leak or clog can spell major trouble for your home. If you’ve noticed that your front yard smells like sewage and has water pooling near the buried line, you need to have one of our plumbers out to take a closer look. Clogs are also a serious issue: in the event your home’s drains all clog at once, turn off the water and call us right away for 24/7 plumbing repair. A clogged sewer line can lead to a disastrous sewer backup into your home.

We’re also ready to help with your HVAC and electrical needs

At Wagner, we’re more than just your local plumbing team. We also provide 24/7 emergency air conditioning repair and electrical services. No matter what your home needs, you can count on the team at Wagner to get the job done right. After all, we’ve been Albuquerque’s trusted name in home services since 1928.

At Wagner, we’re taking steps to protect your home during the COVID-19 outbreak

The recent COVID-19 outbreak has already had a profound impact on our community. Throughout Albuquerque, homeowners and businesses are preparing for an uncertain future. At Wagner, we are taking several precautionary steps to protect your home, including offering virtual estimates. In this article, we’ll outline how we’re doing our part to slow the spread of COVID-19, why COVID-19 is such a threat, and how you can do your part to support local businesses here in Albuquerque through the tough times to come.

We’re taking steps to protect your home

At Wagner, our technicians, plumbers, and electricians are all taking steps to protect your home and prevent the spread of COVID-19. We are using the latest recommendations from our state and the U.S. Centers of Disease Control & Prevention to guide our preventative measures. If you have questions, please call us.

Our virtual estimates

As we announced in a recent blog post, our team is now offering virtual estimates on new air conditioners, heat pumps, and plumbing equipment. This process is easy, straightforward, and—most importantly—helps us reduce face-to-face contact. If you need a new HVAC system or a new water heater, call us here at Wagner to schedule your virtual estimate.

What is COVID-19?

COVID-19, also known as “novel coronavirus,” is a highly infectious virus that has spread throughout the world and the United States in recent weeks. There is no natural immunity to, or vaccine for, COVID-19. There are a number of factors that make coronavirus easy to spread. First, those infected are typically symptomless, yet contagious, for several days. Around 80% of all those with COVID-19 have mild-to-moderate symptoms, which—without social distancing guidelines—might still allow them to go out and spread the virus. Finally, experts advise there is a population of people who carry and can spread the virus, but have no symptoms at all.

While most will only experience mild-to-moderate COVID-19 symptoms, others will have more severe symptoms and may even need to be hospitalized. You’ve no doubt heard about “flattening the curve.” This refers to the act of social distancing and staying at home as a means of slowing the spread of the disease and reducing the number of COVID-19 patients our hospitals and health professionals have to deal with at once.

While certain people—especially the elderly and those with pre-existing conditions—are most vulnerable, there have been cases of all types of people getting seriously ill or even dying due to COVID-19. We can all do our part to avoid these tragedies by:

  • Following social distancing guidelines: If you’re sick, stay home. Even if you’re healthy, stay in your home as much as possible and only go out into public for essentials, like work (if you’re an essential worker) or groceries. When you do go out, stay at least six feet away from others and wear a face mask.
  • Wash your hands (and your phone!): When you return home from a public place, wash your hands thoroughly in warm, soapy water. Take the time to disinfect all surfaces you may have touched, including car door handles and your phone.
  • Take precautions: Just like we’re doing here at Wagner, take precautions like using hand sanitizer, wearing gloves, and wearing face masks while interacting with others or while you’re in public.

Thank you for your support of local businesses

This is an incredibly difficult time for many local businesses here in Albuquerque. Health experts remain uncertain how long this crisis will continue and how long social distancing measures will need to remain in place. If you are able, please consider supporting local and small businesses here in our community. You can do this by:

  • Supporting restaurants by ordering takeout and delivery. This helps these establishments stay open and keep their staff working. If you’re not comfortable with delivered food, call and ask about gift cards. By purchasing a gift certificate, you provide the business with a needed lifeline now and you can use the gift card when the outbreak is over.
  • Shopping local. Whether you’re buying essentials or you’re getting something fun to do at home with your family, please consider buying from a local business here in town. Without foot traffic, our stores here in Albuquerque need online sales to keep the lights on.
  • Being compassionate to others. Your kindness, patience, and gratitude is just as contagious as this virus. Just a simple and sincere “thank you” to those working in grocery stores, hospitals, and restaurants can help keep people’s spirits up. Collectively, it’s what makes us #AlbuquerqueStrong.

The entire team here at Wagner would like to thank our community’s first responders, medical professionals, and everyone else working on the front lines of this viral outbreak. Our community appreciates you and everything you’re doing.

Finally, thank you for your continued business and support. From our family here at Wagner to yours, stay safe and stay healthy. If you need 24/7 emergency HVAC or plumbing services here in Albuquerque, call us right away.