10 Reasons to get an Air Conditioning Checkup

With all of your chores, daily to-do lists, and hustle and bustle that life throws at you, having to add one more thing to your list seems impossible. However, if you can squeeze in an annual air conditioning checkup to your hectic seasonal chores, it will be likely to pay off for you in the long run.  So while your sitting down one of these weekends organizing your home tasks by order of priority, make sure that scheduling an air conditioning checkup is on that list. Need more reason to make room for your air conditioning unit in your already jam packed schedule? We'll give you 10. Here are the top 10 reasons that a homeowner should take the initiative to checkup their air conditioning unit on a regular basis.

Top 10 Reasons to have your A/C Unit checked

These fall in no particular order, but they are all significant reasons to consider giving your air conditioner the TLC that it requires. After all, it does work hard to keep your family cool and comfortable in your home.

1. Energy Efficient

Now days everyone's talking about energy efficiency! And it's a good thing they are because energy efficiency in a home provides homeowners SO many benefits. Probably the most noticeable is the reduction of your home's energy bill each month. That's right, when you are making the efforts in your home to save energy, you will directly be rewarded with a smaller energy bill. Regular A/C checkups have been known to reduce your energy bill by ensuring that your air conditioner is running as efficiently as possible and not having to work harder to cool your home than it should.

2. Extends the Life of Unit

When making investments or upgrades to your home whether it be a new roof, new cabinets and countertops, or even a new air conditioning unit, it's only logical to take the necessary steps to protect your investment to ensure that it remains in excellent quality and lasts as long as possible. The longer that your A/C lasts, the better your investment. Scheduling regular checkups will help your A/C last as longer and remain in better quality throughout it's years of life.

3. Warranty

What good is a warranty,  if it is not protected by adhering to the stipulations? Many manufacturers require the homeowners to maintain their air conditioning unit's quality through regular checkups. Should that warranty ever need to be used and the unit hasn't been properly maintained, the warranty may be voided leaving you stuck with a mess to clean up all by yourself. Take a good look at your warranty and make sure you are aware of all necessary maintenance that you are responsible for.

4. Better for our Environment

Along with saving money every month on your energy bills, getting your air conditioning tuned up regularly will reduce the amount of energy that is being used by your unit, and reducing your home's carbon footprint on the environment. In this day and age, everyone should be doing their part to make environmentally sound decisions, and by scheduling regular A/C checkups, you will be doing yours.

5. More Consistent Cooling

An air conditioning unit that is not functioning properly will have a very difficult time consistently cooling your home. You will find that it is difficult to keep your home at a consistently cool temperature. You might also notice that throughout your home, the temperature is drastically different depending on which room you are in. With regular checkups, you will have more control over the cooling power in your home and will not have to be bothered with the irritation of inconsistent cooling.

6. Fewer Repairs

This one is somewhat of a no brainer. To put it in perspective, if you are going to the dentist on a regular basis for cleanings and checkups, it's not likely that you will be burdened with cavities and other dental problems regularly because small problems will be caught while they are still small and before they have had a chance to fester into a big disaster. Same goes with your air conditioning unit. During regular checkups, if there is a problem, the technician will be likely to catch it and remedy the situation before it even has a chance to become a significant complications.

7. Prevent Unexpected Loss of Cooling

In some cases being surprised is fun: birthday parties, presents, surprise trips or vacations. But when you are surprised with a broken air conditioner and complete loss of cooling in your home, especially during the hot summer months, this is not a surprise to be excited about. Luckily, by tuning up your A/C on a regular basis, your are more likely to avoid the surprise of a broken air conditioner.

8. Savings

The list of ways that regular a/c checkups save  you money goes on and on. You will experience lower cooling costs. Your unit's life will be extended avoiding you having to replace your air conditioner earlier than intended. You will be able to avoid costly repairs, and you will be protecting your warranty which could save you a lot of money should it ever need to be used. Many people think of air conditioning checkups as an added expense when really, it is a money saver!

9. Better Air Quality

We all want to breathe the best air that we can, but sometimes that isn't the case. In some instances, the air that we breath in our homes can be more toxic and harmful to us than the air outside. It's extremely important to take care of your home's indoor air quality. Air conditioning checkups is one way to do this. During the checkup, all of your air filters will be replaced making sure that the air coming into your home is clean.

10. Peace of mind

As an adult, the responsibilities seem endless. There is always a sense of worry that something is going to go wrong and catch you off guard. At the very least, air conditioning checkups will give you one less thing to worry about. You'll know that your air conditioning is running efficiently and cooling your home just like it should.If you need to schedule an air conditioning checkup, call Wagner Mechanical at (505) 884-2822.