Benefits of new AC installation

It’s summer. Temperatures are rising, and—unfortunately—many air conditioning systems in the Albuquerque area are failing under the strain. If your system has seen its fair share of summers since you purchased it, it might not be a bad idea to start thinking about a new system now. After all, depending on the age of your air conditioner, the need for new AC installation could be right around the corner.

New, old: what’s the difference?

Let’s say that your air conditioner is old enough to be in high school. When you purchased it more than a decade ago, your system may have been at the cutting edge of cooling technology. You may think that it’s still doing that. However, think about how much smartphones and computers have changed in that same period of time. Much in the same way, your air conditioner has been passed by modern versions.Today’s air conditioners are more efficient, quiet, and reliable than their mid-’00s predecessors. Wagner sells and installs advanced systems that have some of the best features and specs on the market today.When you invest in a new AC system, you’re benefitting from those years of technical development.

Long-term savings from AC installation

Thanks in part to those advances in energy efficiency, air conditioners today are far more efficient than those previously built. When you consider the cost of a new AC system, also weigh factors such as:

  • How much you’ll save on your monthly energy bill over the lifetime of the system, compared against how much you’re spending now.
  • How much you’ll save on repairs, since a new system is far, far less likely to have major issues—or they may be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.
  • How much your home’s comfort means to you and your family.

These long-term savings and considerations may at least partially offset the cost of a new air conditioning system. If the upfront cost is an issue, consider giving us a call to inquire about financing, which is available for customers with approved credit.

Does your air conditioner make your home comfortable?

Cost is an important factor when you’re deciding whether to keep your current, older air conditioner or upgrade to a new one. However, keep the reason that you have an air conditioner in mind. Does it make you and your family comfortable? Is it slow to start and cool your home, leaving your family room warm at the exact moment you want to spend time in it?If you enjoy your current air conditioner and it does what it needs to, you may want to stick with it. However, if you feel uncomfortable in your home, that can be the tipping point in favor of an upgrade to a new system. If you’re not sure about this, talk to the experts at Wagner. Our technicians can help you decide what course of action is best for you.For more than 85 years, Wagner has been helping New Mexico’s families with both summer and winter comfort. Our NATE-certified, experienced technicians are standing by to provide you with great service, whether you need emergency AC repair or AC installation. Give us a call—we’d be happy to help you.