How to find a professional company for new furnace installs

Are you having trouble with the old furnace and you need a new one? Installing a new heating system requires more than a few tweaks and changes. There is no reason to perform the installation yourself when you can always seek help from highly-trained professionals. A team of experienced HVAC technicians can remove the ventilation, drainage and electrical hook up without a problem, and install the new heating system. Hence, you need a professional and reputable company for new furnace installs. Here's how to find one.

Do research on the furnace you are replacing

Before doing anything else, know the exact model of the furnace you are replacing. Spend some time doing research on it and see which of the local companies might be able to help you. Learn the reason why the furnace is not working. Write down the rooms that aren't getting any heat. Every detail is important when it comes to installing a new heating system, so make sure you don't leave anything out. That way, you will do your homework before getting in touch with a potential heating contractor.

Talk to your friends and neighbors

Your friends and neighbors must have hired the services of furnace companies in the past. Ask them which one they consider competent enough for installing a new furnace in your home. Every friend and neighbor can share advice and thoughts that you won't find anywhere else.If you get concrete recommendations about furnace contractors, you should include them on the top of your list. Pay attention to the pros and cons you hear regarding every heating company and you will eventually make the right choice.

Get in touch with a contractor's references

Reputable furnace contractors are aware that a potential client may ask for a list of references. Give the contractors you're interested in a call and request a shortlist of prior clients. These clients will help you make the right decision by sharing their experience with a specific contractor.Don’t forget to ask the contractor's clients questions about the furnace installation process or the overall performance of the heating technicians. You can also ask if the installation was finished on time and without any hidden expenses.

Search for energy-efficient heating options

Modern furnaces come with some energy-efficient features based on the guidelines set by the U.S. and the Environmental Protection Agency. Homeowners with this type of furnace are saving energy and reducing heating costs every year. A heating contractor can prove they are offering energy-efficient furnaces that can save you money and protect the environment by doing calculations regarding the energy savings with you.

Ask for home evaluation

Prior to the furnace installation process, you need an experienced contractor to evaluate your home and estimate the size of the heating system that will be installed. In the world of furnaces, bigger doesn't always mean better, as you can find yourself paying a fortune for energy bills. Meanwhile, a smaller heating system can do a good job at heating your home in the cold days ahead.The heating contractor is responsible for taking measures of your home area, the windows and the level of insulation. Some contractors will also inspect the duct system for leaks and measure the airflow after the installation is finished, just to make sure that everything is in order.

Get written estimates

Request a written estimate of every contractor’s proposal. Then, compare the costs, energy efficiency options and warranties of all contractors. It will help you see which contractor can meet your needs the best. Bear in mind that the cheapest contractor is not always the right choice for new furnace installs. You might pay a lower price, but spend more on energy than you could possibly imagine. Instead, choose a contractor that offers competitive pricing options and guarantees energy savings.

Sign a written proposal

Don’t let the contractor start the installation process without signing a written proposal. Ask for the proposal and check everything stated in it. That is the last checkpoint before you give the furnace installation a green light.The written proposal serves as protection against unspecified costs and installation delays. The document should include the furnace model numbers, job schedule and warranty information, among other details. By signing such a document, you will actually get a copy of your contract with the furnace company and everything related to the furnace installation, from start to finish.

Check the contractor's experience

Installing furnaces is a process that demands quality, integrity and professionalism for each client. Experience is another crucial feature that a reputable contractor should have. Experienced contractors are able to make precise evaluations, offer discounts and propose conditions that are acceptable for both parties concerned.Don’t make the mistake of choosing a contractor without experience just because the furnace installation costs less than other offers. New contractors often can't make a precise evaluation and can be responsible for installation delays and hidden expenses.

Seek excellent customer support

Professional companies have excellent customer support which is available 24/7. A great customer support team provides help and DIY advice when necessary and sends technicians if needed.The best way to learn more about a heating company’s customer support team is by reading reviews and feedback that previous clients have posted online.

New furnace installs require certified and insured technicians

Having a proper license and insurance are essential features of a professional heating company. Don’t sign a contract for new furnace installs without knowing that the technicians are adequately skilled and insured. By having the necessary certifications, technicians prove their experience and expertise in providing excellent furnace installs.Having insurance is a must, as every technician might face health-threatening situations while installing a furnace. The insurance is also proof that the heating contractor takes care of their staff. We, at Wagner Mechanical, take pride in the fact that we have been providing new furnace installs since 1928. Our goal is to make sure that every furnace will serve you for years to come. Visit our website to see the numerous services we offer and read testimonials from clients who have worked with our licensed and skilled technicians.