Here's how you can help your AC live longer and run better

On average, most air conditioners last 15-25 years. That's a wide range: to make sure that your air conditioner is near the top of that range and beyond, you need to take care of the system. That starts with regular seasonal maintenance from the team at Wagner. Help your AC live longer by having our experts take care of it.To schedule your spring AC tune-up, call our team today. Our technicians are ready to help get your air conditioner prepped for the summer ahead.

Have a professional tune up the unit

Your AC unit is like a car. It requires regular check-ups to ensure everything is running smoothly. You should have an HVAC professional from Wagner inspect your unit at least once a year. That way you know if any problems are developing you need to fix right away.

Keep the outdoor AC unit clean

Many properties have the AC unit in the backyard. You need to be mindful you do not stack a bunch of items and debris around the device. If too much builds up, then it will negatively impact the functionality of the unit. You also want to make sure the unit is kept a couple inches off the ground.

Use blinds

Your AC unit works harder during the summer because it is naturally hotter outside. It works a lot to get your home to the desired temperature, and blinds can help with that endeavor. Blinds prevent additional sunlight from getting inside, so your AC does not have to do as much work.

Invest in an advanced thermostat

You should adjust your home’s thermostat throughout the day. For example, you probably do not need your AC running in the middle of the day when you are at work. A programmable thermostat makes this so much simpler, and you end up saving a lot of money on your electric bills, too.

Change your filter regularly

All AC units have filters that need to be swapped out once every couple of months. The purpose of filters is to catch dust and debris, so it does not circulate around your house. A dirty filter forces the unit to work harder than it should.

Call Wagner for AC maintenance services

The professionals from Wagner offer to make sure your unit is running optimally. Maintenance helps keep your AC system running smoothly, so you can enjoy it all year long. Contact our team if you are ready for a tune up.