Why call a professional for drain cleaning here in Albuquerque?

If you're a homeowner, you've likely experienced a clogged sink, toilet, or shower drain before. It's just a part of living in a home. Drain clogs can have multiple causes, but there's only one solution for unclogging them that's guaranteed to work every single time: calling in a professional plumber. Only a plumber has the professional-grade tools needed to clear any clog safely, and without the use of hazardous drain cleaning chemicals. Here in Albuquerque, we're the team to trust. When you need Albuquerque plumbers, call us.

Clogs aren't always what they seem

You may think a clog is easier to remove than it actually is. The truth is that many clogs form deep inside of pipes, around u-bends in plumbing, and out-of-reach of most store-bought drain cleaning snakes and tools.Or, even if the tool you're using can reach the clog, it might not be particularly easy to clear out. After all, the formation of a clog at all suggests that there's been a buildup of material inside the pipe for a decent amount of time. Store-bought snake tools might not give a homeowner the physical leverage to remove the clog, putting you back at square one.

Avoid using drain cleaners

Drain cleaners are popular because they offer an easy solution to an otherwise tough problem of clearing a stubborn clog. You just pour the cleaner down the drain and you're done... right? Yes and no. First of all, drain cleaners don't always work. You're just pouring a caustic mix down your pipes and hoping it makes contact with all the clog-causing material. In many cases, homeowners have to keep using drain cleaner—the cleaner is removing some of the clog, temporarily allowing water to drain, albeit slowly, but the clog reforms at a point in the near future.That's the other bad thing about store-bought drain cleaners. This caustic mixture is not great for anything it comes in contact with—and, naturally, that includes the pipes in your kitchen and bathroom, as well as any surfaces it touches.Finally, it's worth noting that drain cleaners are also a dangerous thing to have around your home. Many homeowners accidentally injure themselves when using drain cleaners: a common scenario is that they pour some drain cleaner into a toilet with water in it, and then follow that up by using a plunger. The resulting splashback gets on skin, which can cause burns and extreme irritation.

How our plumbers clear clogs

Contrast this to what our plumbers can do: our plumbers have a wide variety of snake tools for reaching into any depth of drain to clear a clog. Some of our specialized snake tools even are equipped with:

  • Cameras: This allows us to see what is forming the clog. This is particularly useful in cases where a homeowner has lost something valuable—such as a wedding ring—down in the drain and needs us to recover it.
  • Motors: The motorized ends of these snake tools allow us to cut through the most stubborn clogs, effectively and quickly clearing the drain without any lasting damage or effect to the pipe itself.

When in doubt, you'll want to call in your Albuquerque plumbers here at Wagner for drain cleaning service. Beyond just the tools of the trade we bring to each and every job, you're also getting our plumber's expertise. They know a trick or two about clearing clogs—it's what they do.