This fall is the time to schedule your evaporative cooler shutdown

As we put the summer behind us and get into the cooler months of fall here in Albuquerque, it’s that time of year again: time to schedule your evaporative cooler shutdown. A professional swamp cooler shutdown is an essential part of winterizing your system and getting it ready for colder weather. In this article, we’ll review the reasons why you should schedule a shutdown with our team and what our service includes.At Wagner, we’re your local swamp cooler experts. We repair, maintain, and replace all types of coolers. Be sure to give us a call to schedule your fall shutdown and spring startup services.

Why is it important to shut down a swamp cooler for the season?

Your evaporative cooler works hard throughout the summer to bring your home effective cooling. However, during the winter, it’s a potential liability. All swamp coolers contain water in both their lines and pans. Here in Albuquerque and Santa Fe, we’re no strangers to freezing nighttime temperatures in the winter months. If those lines aren’t properly drained, the water inside of them can freeze and break the line. Then, when that ice thaws, you have both a leaking system and lines that need to be replaced. The presence of melted water in the spring can also attract insects and lead to metal corrosion that shortens the overall lifespan of the system.

What does our evaporative cooler shutdown service include?

A professional swamp cooler shutdown accounts for this by completely draining any remaining water from the system’s lines and pans. Our team then cleans the system after a long summer of use; seals the vent leading to the inside of your home; and covers the system to protect it from rain, snow, ice, and freezing temperatures during the winter. As part of our service, our technicians also inspect the unit for any problems that could prevent the evaporative cooler from performing as it should in the spring.With the right protection in the fall, your swamp cooler will be in good condition and ready for use again in the spring when things start to warm up.

Why hire a professional?

As mentioned above, you do not want to take the risk that any residual water is left in the lines, as this can—and most likely will—freeze due to our wintertime overnight lows here in Albuquerque and Santa Fe. Any frozen water in lines can lead to a major headache when spring rolls around.Another common cause of problems is an improperly fitted cover. The cover for your evaporative cooler needs to be breathable, but also protect the unit from the elements. Any gaps in protection could lead to preventable corrosion or damage to the system.Finally, only a professional can inspect the system during the shutdown and identify potential issues that could impact how it runs next spring and summer. Trust us: it’s better to address those problems in the fall than when the heat returns next year.

Call Wagner to schedule an evaporative cooler shutdown this fall

If you haven’t already, now’s the perfect time to have one of our technicians get your swamp cooler ready for the winter months ahead. Go ahead and call us to schedule your evaporative cooler shutdown here in Albuquerque and Santa Fe. In fact, our team of HVAC and swamp cooler experts is here to help with all your home service needs. When you need your swamp cooler maintained, repaired, or replaced, give us a call.