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Here’s 3 reasons to get water filtration in Albuquerque

Your home relies on water either from the municipal system or from an underground well. In both cases, you may want to think about getting water filtration in Albuquerque. That’s because unwanted substances—such as chemicals, sediment, chlorine, or other contaminants—can be lurking in your tap water.

Professionally installed by the plumbing experts at Wagner, a water filtration system can remove these impurities and deliver clean, great-tasting water to your household. Plus, systems that include water softening can have a major, positive impact on your home. Let’s dive in.

Three reasons to get water filtration in Albuquerque

1. You’ll have cleaner laundry and dishes

Hard water is often a common reason why your clothes become dingy or you use more water to wash the dishes. Calcium and magnesium, two minerals typically present in hard water, prevent detergent from effectively mixing with water. As a result, more detergent is needed to clean your dishes and clothing, and it just doesn’t do the job as well as it should.

Whole-house water filtration can be an ideal solution to these issues. Both the filtration and softening processes extract these minerals, leaving you with a purer home water supply and cutting your household expenses.

2. You’ll spend less on plumbing repairs

For many homeowners, hard water can rake up additional costs in the form of plumbing repairs. Along with calcium and magnesium, hard water may also contain additional minerals, such as sulfate and carbonate.

These substances frequently combine to form scale buildup that can result in clogs, leaking pipes, or malfunctioning faucets. With effective water filtration systems, Albuquerque area homeowners can save their pipes, fixtures, and even their appliances from further damage.

3. You won’t need bottled water

Let’s start here: much of the water that comes out of the tap is safe for human consumption. Nevertheless, minerals or other substances in your water may cause it to taste or smell odd. That’s probably why Americans spend a yearly average of $100 per person on bottled water.

Even if your water supply is safe, a filtration system provides cleaner and better-tasting water. Reverse osmosis is one popular method that pulls out minerals and unwanted additives. Besides saving money on bottled water, filtration may also be an eco-friendly way to cut your household plastic consumption.

High-quality water at your fingertips

Since 1928, Wagner has proudly offered professional HVAC and plumbing services to clients in Bernalillo County and surrounding communities. To learn more about water filters in Albuquerque or other great solutions to deliver better quality water to your home, contact us today!