Why you should hire a professional for drain cleaning and clearing clogs

When you have a clogged kitchen sink drain, call Wagner’s plumbers for 24/7 drain cleaning services here in Albuquerque and Santa Fe. In this blog post, we’ll make the case that you should hire a professional for drain cleaning instead of using home remedies. Call Wagner for plumbing repair!

#1. We have the right tools to clear clogs

Professional plumbers carry a variety of tools specifically designed for cleaning clogs and removing obstructions from drains. This includes snake tools, rotary tools, water pressure tools, and more.

More than just having this equipment on-hand, our plumbers know how to use it without causing damage to your pipes. Speaking of which…

#2. Store-bought chemicals don’t always work

Your local hardware or grocery store here in Albuquerque no doubt has chemicals designed specifically for clearing clogs. For many homeowners, this is the first thing they go to grab when they have a clog.

Here’s the thing: these chemicals really should only be a last-resort for clearing clogs. Most are bad for pipes, bad for the environment, and dangerous to have sitting around your home.

The experts even note that some chemicals, combined together purposefully or on accident, can react, creating fumes or even exploding.

In addition to all that, drain cleaners aren’t even really that effective. They’re attempting to acid-wash away a physical block, when it’s much easier to just physically remove the blockage.

#3. You don’t know what’s down there

Here’s another reason to not reach for the drain cleaner. Often, homeowners are surprised by what’s stuck in the pipe. It’s not always grease and grime, and it can be valuable.

In fact, ask a plumber: they’ll be able to tell you about everything they’ve found over their years of working. This ranges from the precious (diamond rings, necklaces, bracelets) to the adorable (action figures).

That’s why a gentle approach with a snake tool is typically a better place to start than pouring chemical down the drain.

#4. Clogged drains could indicate other problems

If your home’s drains are all clogging simultaneously, it could indicate that something is wrong with your sewer line.

Over time, many things can eventually cause a blockage in your sewer line—the line that carries waste water away from your home to municipal sewers. This includes everything from grease buildup (which is why you should never dispose of grease down your kitchen sink) to tree roots that have broken through, and grown into, the pipe.

A sewer blockage is a major problem. Your home is at risk of a sewer backup. Turn off the water to your home and call Wagner immediately.

Call Wagner for 24/7 emergency drain cleaning in Albuquerque

Wagner’s plumbers are available 24/7 for your emergency drain cleaning needs. If you’ve got a clogged drain, contact Wagner for service, or call us at (505) 884-2822.

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