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Clearing Pipes

Hydro-Jetting Services in Albuquerque


What Is Hydro-Jetting?

Hydro-jetting is a non-invasive plumbing solution that uses pressurized water to remove blockages in pipes. At Wagner Mechanical, we provide professional hydro-jetting services in Albuquerque.
The pressurized water is sufficient to clear debris, clogs, grease, limescale, and even tree roots in any plumbing system. It does this by disintegrating obstructions and forcing them out of the plumbing system. The process is thorough, eliminating all residue without causing damage to the pipework or needing invasive repair.
Hydro-jetting is effective when done by professionals. We have been servicing homes in Albuquerque and its environs since 1928.


Benefits of Hydro Jetting

There are many benefits to using hydro-jetting including it’s ability to clean blockages effectively. Here are a few more reasons we use it:

  • Complete residue removal
  • Relatively affordable
  • Environmentally friendly solution

How Does Hydro-Jetting Work?

The hydro-jetting system has a hose, nozzle, water, and machine creating the water pressure. Before clearing out the problem from the plumbing system, we analyze its condition. It is imperative to assess the home’s piping before applying the hydro-jetting services because:

-Pressurized water can collapse old worn-out pipes.
-We also want to ensure the piping issue is a blockage, not a collapse.

We inspect the pipes using a video instrument. Once we ascertain the problem is a blockage, we provide hydro-jetting services.

We use the the cleanout of your plumbing system to locate any obstructions. The hose and nozzle get inserted into the pipe and the jetting component releases pressurized water to break and clear the residue.

How is Hydro-Jetting Better than Traditional Drain Clearing?

Complete Blockage Removal

Hydro-jetting is more effective at removing gunk throughout the entire plumbing system. The pressurized water blasts through solids, breaking them into removable debris and washing them out of the system without damaging the drainage pipes. The powered water action leaves the plumbing system functioning as if it was brand new.

Hydro-Jetting is a Much More Effective Process

Traditional plumbing methods can remove blockages but may not be as effective at cleaning the plumbing system. Hydro-jetting uses a pulse flow that targets problematic areas.


The powered water clears the drainage system of every build-up, leaving it as good as new. Fewer maintenance services reduce costs, making the procedure more cost-effective than traditional plumbing methods.


Emergency Drain Cleaning

We provide emergency hydro-jetting services to residents and commercial properties within Albuquerque.

Maintenance drain cleaning

Drain maintenance is essential to extend the longevity of the plumbing system. Additionally, it is much cheaper to service the drainage system regularly than to install a new system after a few years of use. Regular cleanout also ensures our clients have an efficient system throughout the year.
We provide maintenance drainage cleaning for properties in Albuquerque. We will inspect the entire system and can clean any build-up in your plumbing system. Call us today to request a quote.

Tips for maintaining healthy pipes

Garbage Disposal

Adding Drain Catchers in Showers and Sinks to Prevent Hair Build-up

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