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Free water testing in Albuquerque & Santa Fe.

It’s no secret: our tap water here in Albuquerque and Santa Fe isn’t the best it can be. That’s actually true for most municipal water sources throughout the United States.

Nationwide, tap water contains trace levels of nitrates, lead, chlorine, arsenic, and more. All of this amounts to foul-tasting drinking water that drives many families to stock up on plastic bottled water.

But, there’s a better way forward that, long-term, is better for the environment and your wallet: whole-home water purification.

Our team installs reverse-osmosis and water softeners, designed to improve your home’s drinking, showering, and dish-washing water.

If you’re ready to take the next step toward cleaner, safer drinking water, talk to our team and schedule your free water test with us. Give us a call or schedule yours online.

We offer water testing in Santa Fe, which allows local homeowners to know exactly what is in their home's water.

We help local homeowners improve their water.

Water testing and solutions.

  • We’ll send a specialist out for a free water test.
  • We install water softeners & RO systems.
  • We’ll improve your family’s drinking water.

Do you know what’s in your drinking water?

Here in Albuquerque and Santa Fe, most of our water comes from the Rio Grande and underground aquifers. Both of these fresh water sources are potential sources of contaminants. Agricultural runoff into the river upstream adds nitrates and phosphates to our water, while water drawn out of aquifers around our city tends to contain higher-than-average levels of arsenic due to the region’s past volcanic activity.

Here’s the bottom-line: while Albuquerque’s water meets state and federal quality and safety standards, it’s not the best it could be. Straight from the tap, your drinking water likely contains chlorine, arsenic, nitrates, and other contaminants.

Different parts of Albuquerque and Santa Fe have different water sources. If you’re concerned about what might be in your home’s water, schedule a free water test with our team. We’ll analyze samples of your tap water to determine what contaminants are present.

“From the moment I called them, I felt like a valued customer. I got an appointment the same day and was kept informed when the tech would arrive.”

“Had them out to give a quote for a failed water heater. They were also able to replace my water heater same day as getting the quote. Very friendly.”

Get great water right from the tap.

Raise a glass to clean, purified water.

With an RO water filter installed in your home, you'll have access to purified, fresh-tasting water—right at the tap.

Reverse Osmosis

We install whole-home RO systems. These advanced systems are capable of fully purifying and filtering the water that comes into your, leaving you and your family with clean drinking water.

Our city's hard water can lead to scaling and mineral buildup, as seen on this home's shower head.

Water Softeners

Hard water is a major problem here in Albuquerque and Santa Fe. Its high mineral content leads to pipe scaling, appliance damage, and more. Have us install a whole-home water softener.

Not sure what's in your home's drinking water? It's time to call us for our water testing service in Albuquerque.

Water Testing

We offer free water tests. Our team will professionally test your home’s water for the presence of nitrates, arsenic, sodium, lead, fluoride, and other potential contaminants from water runoff.

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