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We are your indoor air quality specialists here in Albuquerque and Santa Fe. From air duct modification to UV light filter installation, our team can help improve the air you breathe in your home. Start by scheduling an indoor air quality test. One of Wagner’s IAQ specialists will take samples of your home’s air, analyze it, and report back to you with results and our recommendations for improving your home’s air quality.

Schedule your IAQ test today by giving us a call, or filling out the form on this page.

Having just provided her with a free estimate, our HVAC technician shakes the hand of this local homeowner.

We’re your local IAQ experts.

Reduce allergens and pollutants.

  • Indoor air contains dust, germs, pollen & more.
  • With an IAQ test, we’ll analyze your home’s air.
  • We’ll then recommend ways to purify the air.

Begin breathing easier.

Improve your IAQ with our services.

The air filter on the right is in need of being replaced, while the one on the left is completely clean.

Air Filters

We install HVAC air filters. Your home’s standard 1-inch filter is missing anywhere from 95-97% of all the IAQ contaminants in your home. We can upgrade you to a better filter to improve your IAQ.

With a UV light air scrubber installed in your home's air ducts, your family will breathe healthier air.

UV Light Filters

These filters are capable of killing or deactivating viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens. We install high-grade, ozone-free UV light filters that purify air as it passed through your air ducts.

A Wagner air duct specialist applies sealant to the exterior of these ducts, cutting down on their energy waste.

Duct Sealing & Insulation

Gaps in your home’s ductwork could be allowing pests, dust, and other contaminants to get into your ducts, through which all the air in your home passes. Improve your IAQ by having us make repairs.

A Wagner air duct specialist applies tap to the exterior of a duct ahead of air duct insulation installation.

Ductwork Repair

If you’re experiencing temperature imbalances in your home, that’s a good sign that your air ducts need repairs or modifications. Air duct issues can also have a negative impact on your home’s IAQ.

Our technician sets up their tools and equipment ahead of an air conditioning tune-up here in Rio Rancho.

Air Conditioning Checkups

As part of our comprehensive AC checkup, our techs will thoroughly inspect and clean out your air conditioner, helping to improve your indoor comfort, efficiency, and indoor air quality.

“From the moment I called them, I felt like a valued customer. I got an appointment the same day and was kept informed when the tech would arrive.”

“Alex was wonderful. He was very knowledgeable and gave thorough answers to all our questions.”

We answer your IAQ questions.

Your guide to indoor air quality.

What’s likely in my home’s air?

Is my indoor air quality really that bad?

Heating Installation

Can air filters kill viruses and germs?

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Since 1928, Wagner has been your trusted, local team for all your home service needs. We’re proud to serve the Albuquerque and Santa Fe metro areas, including these communities:

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